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Mud Management For Horses

Keeping a horse in a muddy field or paddock is not only unfair on the horse it could result in expensive veterinary fees and even the death of the animal.

In states where rainfall is heavier such as those in the Northeast, this issue is especially relevant where rainfall can exceed 40 inches per anum.

High traffic areas are often the first to become affected, and will often be churned up just by general activity in the area. Anyone who has had their foot stood on by a horse will understand how much pressure they exert on the ground and it does not take long for this to churn up wet soil.

What Problems Can Mud Cause?

Mud can cause a variety of issues for both the horse and its owner;

  • It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and parasites. Some of which can be fatal if left untreated.
  • It can create an unstable, uneven area where a horse can twist or damage joints.
  • Makes the experience of spending time with the horse unpleasant and messy for the owner.
  • It makes it difficult to remove manure and keep the area clean.

How Does StartPave help With Mud Management?

StartPave improves the drainage and structure of the ground to which the horse has access. Our specialist grid offers reinforcement preventing ruts from forming and prevents compaction of the soil which can be detrimental to drainage.

Proper drainage is a key factor in reducing mud, StartPave achieves this by preventing soil or gravel from becoming compacted and churned over. This allows surface water to drain away naturally.

How Can I help Control Mud?

Other steps can be taken to help control mud which includes;

  • Ensuring that guttering on stables and other surrounding buildings are kept in good order with appropriate water collection and drainage.
  • If you have space then rotating the field to which the horse has access to will help. Rotating access will give areas of grass time to recover.
  • Regularly removing any manure from the area will drastically lessen the amount of parasites and flies in the area.
  • Reposition feeding and water containers; doing this prevents the horses standing in the same areas frequently, causing further compaction issues.

My Horse Digs? Is StartPave Still Suitable As A Mud Management System

Yes - StartPave will work to prevent digging, which is another factor that can cause mud.

If you have any further questions about StartPave or our mud management systems, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. The sales team will be happy to help with any and all the inquiries that you may have.