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Alturnamats vs StartMats vs ScoutMats – Which type of ground protection mat is right for you?


If you’ve seen more plastic polymer ground protection mats come into the market lately and are asking yourself which one you should be using, then read on. The temporary ground protection mat industry has exploded over the last few years as consumers are turning away from traditional plywood matting to products that offer a magnitude of ROI for various industries including landscapers, construction companies, oil and gas industries, and even outdoor event spaces.  Whether you’re traversing heavy loads, driving big machines or protecting your surfaces from fallen debris, you may be wondering which option is best for your needs. Let’s compare the leading protection mat brands to help you decide which mat is best for you. 

Comparing the Alturnamats vs. StartMats vs. ScoutMats



scoutmatScoutMat keeps your options simple. One color and one popular size. It’s ideal for most light and medium-duty jobs (pedestrian traffic over lawn spaces, dollies, wheelbarrows, temporary roadways, and depot storage areas) and will protect your surface with a weight rating of up to 80 tons. They’re made from virgin HDPE which means they’re very durable and will last decades. The cleat tread on the top side creates the perfect traction for pedestrian walkways. The bottom side uses an aggressive cleat for superb grip.  ScoutMats come with a 1-year warranty and an expected lifespan of up to 20 years.

Ideal for: Because ScourtMats are only available in 1 size (4’x8’) and in one color (tan), it may not be suitable for every application.  If the color doesn’t matter to you and if 4’x8’ fits the coverage you need, then ScoutMat is an excellent choice for Ground Protection. If the tan color or the 4x8 size doesn’t work for you, consider going with AlturnaMATS or StartMATs which have more variety in color and sizes. 


alturnamatAlturnaMATS are the most superior mat in the industry and is considered the pioneer in ground protection mats. AlturnaMATS are great for heavier-duty jobs and have a wide range of options to choose from, including 2 colors, 6 size options, and a mix of cleat and smooth tread options. Optional handholds are also available for added convenience.  AlturnaMATS are made with polyethylene and are incredibly durable. It can hold up to 120 tons without breakage (such as excavators, electric locomotives, and loaded down semi trucks). A Lifetime warranty (up to 25 years!) gives you assurance and peace of mind. Available with diamond cleat, pedestrian oval, or a smooth surface. Colors come in Black or White and available in different sizes including, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 3x6, 3x8 and 4x8.

Ideal for:  If your priority is to have the best quality and never have to ever worry about consistently replacing ground protection mats from wear and tear, then Alturnamats is the right fit for you. However, with its exceptional versatility and quality, this mat comes with a corresponding premium price tag. Making it the most expensive option among the three. 

Start Mats

startmatStartMat is created with the highest value and performance in mind for the majority of our customers. StartMats come with the most popular sizes and treads used in most applications. It’s an all-rounder for protecting grass or turf, heavy hauls, vehicles and machinery, staging areas, tree cutting, or just about anything else! StartMat is also the most affordable option of these three choices. StartMat has a 90-ton weight rating and has a Lifetime warranty up to 20 years! Available in two different size options 3x8’ or 4x8’ and come in 2 color options, Black or white. StartMats also come with diamond cleat tread on one or both sides.

Ideal for: If you are on a tight budget and still looking for a quality ground protection mat then the Start Mat is the right fit for you

Which Mat Should You Choose?

Now that you’re armed with more information, there are a few other things you should consider. We usually suggest selecting a mat that can handle the weight of your equipment and vehicles. AlturnaMATS have the highest weight capacity and offer the longest warranty, making them a top-notch choice for those who want absolute assurance. But considering the federal weight limits for single-axle (20,000 lbs.) and tandem axle vehicles (34,000 lbs.), most common applications are well within these ranges. Therefore, a more budget-friendly choice like StartMat, rated for 90 tons (180,000 lbs.), should suffice for nearly all typical uses. If you would like to speak with a ground protection mat specialist feel free to contact us.